Many thanks to our dedicated volunteers who digitally scan the books and microfilm archives in our Genealogy area.

The available books in this digital collection are those in the public domain, where the copyrights have expired, or where the author has given permission.

All books are stored in both PDF and TXT formats. The PDF files are the original scanned readable versions which can include photos, can vary in size from 2 – 400 MB, and are are best viewed on a high speed Internet connection.

The TXT versions are created from the scanned PDF files using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Some of the characters in the TXT version may not be recognizable and may look garbled. The TXT versions can vary in size from 50 – 4000 KB.

PLEASE NOTE: Our genealogist is still answering emails during the library closure, so please feel free to send him your questions using the Contact form.