Local History Trivia


Are you interested in Wood County and West Virginia local history? The Genealogy Department is launching a fun and exciting way to share documents from our collection and test your knowledge with trivia quizzes based on them.

List of Trivia Quizzes

Kinship Migration to Northwestern Virginia 1785-1815: The Myth of the Southern Frontiersman
by Philip W. Sturm. Ph. D           Book     Trivia Quiz

The History of Beechwood Addition, Parkersburg, West Virginia and the Parkersburg Iron & Steel Company
by James L. Miracle                   Book     Trivia Quiz

Sketches of Wood County: Its Early History
by S. C. Shaw                             Book     Trivia Quiz

Parkersburg, An Early Portrait
by James Dawson & Gary Null   Book     Trivia Quiz

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