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Are you interested in Wood County and West Virginia local history? The Genealogy Department is launching a fun and exciting way to share documents from our collection and test your knowledge with a weekly Local History Trivia game.

This week’s featured book

Parkersburg: An Early Portrait

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Trivia quiz

1. In the earliest years of Parkersburg, the justice system carried on many of the means of punishments from those laws enacted by the English. Women were punished for offenses as well as men. However, one particularly crude method of punishment that was mainly administered to women was what?


2. When driving North on Murdoch Avenue in the vicinity of 13th Street, you will notice a beautiful brick building on the hill that currently houses the Mid-Ohio Valley Ballet Academy. It is the oldest school building that is still being used as a school today. The name of this school was originally established by a highly respected educator in Parkersburg. What was the original name of the school in the 1900s?


3. The City of Parkersburg was enclosed by roadways of water that consisted of the Ohio River, Kanawha River and the Worthington Creek as well. The best way for most citizens to travel from one side of the rivers to the other was by the use of ferries. Which ferry is considered to be the second ferry that focused mostly on linking citizens between Ohio/West Virginia from the late 1870s to 1900?


4. Prior to the 11 WV Infantry and US Army Engineers building Fort Boreman in the Civil War. What was the that, promontory overlooking the City of Parkersburg known as ?


5. What year was the first tavern licensed to operate in Wood County, called the “House of Entertainment” ? What prominent citizen owned it?


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